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AUMA Goes Green with Commitment to Net Zero

Added - 16.10.2023

Investment in a range of renewable energy technologies has seen AUMA UK reap returns through reduced energy costs and meeting sustainability goals, saving over 236 tons of CO2 and generating more than 420 MWh of energy.

AUMA UK generates electricity from 178 photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of its Clevedon office and warehouse, whilst heating and cooling is generated using electric air-source heat pumps. The building’s lighting uses energy-efficient LEDs. The company also operates a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director, AUMA UK, says:

“We believe that every business has a responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. We are using the guidance provided by the Carbon Trust to accelerate our journey to Net Zero.

“At AUMA, we’ve been on the front foot since 2010, investing in the installation of 178 PV panels that make best use of the roof of our building. That investment alone has removed the equivalent of 50 cars off the roads over the last 13 years. That may sound underwhelming, but it’s these small savings that together accrue into major benefits.

“Alongside PVs and our electric air-source heat pump, we encourage our team to cycle to work, taking advantage of the Government’s scheme that provides tax incentives to enable employees to buy bikes at a reduced cost. We have also taken steps to reduce our water consumption. And we have made significant progress in transitioning our company fleet to environmentally friendly vehicles, with over 50% now being hybrid or fully electric.

“But our commitment doesn’t end there. We continue to identify opportunities to reduce waste, removing the requirement for plastic packaging by introducing innovations such as reusable wooden crates for the delivery of actuators to site.”

The UK Government's Net Zero strategy sets out policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to meet net zero targets by 2050.

AUMA’s broader sustainability agenda has developed from energy efficiency in its operations, to carbon, renewable energy, water and waste reduction, through to supply chain goals.

AUMA UK is a major supplier of electric actuators to the water, gas and manufacturing industries. Customers include Anglian Water, Thames Water, and National Gas. 

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AUMA Actuator Upgrade After 40 Years Continuous Service for Anglian Water

Added - 18.09.2023

An AUMA actuator that was originally installed back in the 1980s when big hair was the style of the day and new romantic bands like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet were top of the charts, has been replaced after over 40 years in service.

The original AUMA SA6 B electric actuator was installed on a filter drain valve at Anglian Water’s North Walsham Water Treatment Works, just south of Cromer in north Norfolk. The actuator was replaced as part of AUMA Actuators Limited’s Service Level Agreement with Anglian Water.

Paul Hopkins is AUMA Actuator Limited’s managing director. He says:

“It’s extraordinary to think of the changes that have occurred during the service lifetime of this actuator. When it was first installed the internet as we know it didn’t exist and mobile phone communications were in their infancy. 

“This clearly demonstrates the longevity and reliability of AUMA electric actuators, which prevents service downtime and maximises return on capital investment for water companies. Just think how many mobile phones we have all upgraded during the operational lifetime of this brilliant piece of equipment.”

The replacement pair of AUMA SA07.6 electric actuators with AC01.2 controls were supplied along with two machined drive nuts. The new actuators were supplied to site packed in bespoke, reusable wooden packaging in just seven days from order.

AUMA's current range of SA actuators is used for open-close duty and positioning duty and can be combined with various controls from simple OPEN-CLOSE control to the micro-controlled version with logging of operating data or fieldbus interface. Design features include torque range from 10 Nm to 32,000 Nm; output speeds from 4 to 180 rpm; limit and torque sensing; available with 3-ph AC, 1-ph AC and DC motors. Handwheel for manual operation.

North Walsham became a centre for weaving in the Anglo-Saxon era. The wealth generated enabled the local people to build St. Nicholas Church which dates back to 1330. Its tall tower is the second tallest in Norfolk after Norwich Cathedral.

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AUMA Electric Actuators Awarded Gas Industry Standard VA2

Added - 31.08.2023

National Gas has approved AUMA Actuators Limited's explosion proof range of high-performance electric actuators with the Gas Industry Standard VA2 certification.

Gas Industry Standard (GIS)/VA2 specifies the requirements for electric powered actuators, for use with two position (open/closed) quarter turn valves manufactured to the requirements of GIS/V6. AUMA's range of SAEX and SAREX actuators, with the combination of ACEX Controls, are GIS/VA2 compliant.

Paul Hopkins is AUMA’s managing director. He says:

“Explosion-proof devices must be used in plants where potentially combustible atmospheres may occur. AUMA’s comprehensive range of VA2 approved devices is designed so that they will not act as an ignition source. Each is designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to prevent the occurrence of ignition sparks or hot surfaces.

“AUMA’s actuators meet and exceed the critical performance requirements of the gas industry, receiving international certification in explosion protection, high Safety Integrity Level (SIL) capability, and perfect reliability in particularly harsh and arduous climatic conditions.”

Actuators manufactured to VA2 are suitable for use in areas in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation; with atmospheres containing propane, or gases and vapours of equivalent hazard, compliant with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and Atmospheres Explosible (ATEX) regulations.  

AUMA’s new TIGRON actuators are also designed to meet the exacting requirements of the global gas industry, combining the highest level of explosion protection, robust design, outstanding ease of operation, and the latest trends in digitalisation. The versatile all-rounder provides safe and reliable valve automation across all application sectors, including oil and gas production, pipelines, tank farms and refineries.

TIGRON actuators are ATEX and IECEx certified for the highest gas group IIC, which includes highly flammable hydrogen. Actuators are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, covering a particularly wide temperature range from –65 °C to +75 °C.

AUMA’s ATEX approved PROFOX for butterfly, ball/plug and globe valves is a compact actuator that features a range of intelligent functions for tailored automation solutions. Each ATEX approved PROFOX is equipped with a centrally located LED: The FOX-EYE. It provides clearly visible information about the actuator and valve status. The FOX-EYE display scheme can be configured by the user as required.

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AUMA Continues to Grow UK Presence with Recruitment of New Technical Sales Engineer

Added - 02.08.2023

AUMA Actuators Limited has recruited a new technical sales engineer to join its growing team as the company drives forward with the expansion of its UK operations following its successful appointment to a number of major water company framework agreements. 

John Heselwood joins the Bristol-based company, part of the AUMA Group - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of modular electric actuators. John is a valve and actuation expert, with over 25 years experience. Based in Manchester, he is responsible for growing the company’s operations across the north of England and the Midlands.

Paul Hopkins, AUMA Actuator Limited’s managing director, says:

“We are delighted to welcome John to our team. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in business development and sales management for a number of high profile engineering companies.

“This is an exciting role that supports an exceptional period of growth for AUMA in the north of England and Scotland. This success is underpinned by our ability to respond quickly to customer demand via our FastTrack deliveries. Our short supply chain from our parent company in Europe means we are in a fantastic position to respond to demand at short notice. This has been recognised and valued by a number of our key customers and is seen as a real point of difference in such highly competitive markets.

"John's recruitment means we are now even better placed to serve existing customers in the north and Scotland, whilst growing our foothold in these strategically important markets.”

John Heselwood, Technical Sales Engineer, AUMA Actuators Limited, adds:

“I have a passion for providing solutions based on technical expertise, specification, and customer service. I always enjoy sales opportunities for value added, up selling and cross selling techniques, encouraging value for employers and my clients. That’s what I bring to AUMA and I’m very much looking forward to getting out and about and developing new relationships with existing customers and new prospects.

John is married with two children. His interests include spending time in the great outdoors, enjoying walking, trekking and mountaineering in places as far afield as Scotland, Switzerland and Nepal. He’s also a keen motorcyclist, travelling solo across Europe. 

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AUMA Service Team Completes CompEx Training

Added - 06.06.2023

Technicians at AUMA Actuators Limited have successfully achieved Competency in Explosive Atmospheres (CompEx) certification.

Our team attended a three-day course at Hornbill Industrial Training. Additional ex-product range familiarisation was later completed at AUMA’s UK training facilities, and online with AUMA’s specialist ex-team, based in Germany. 

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director, AUMA Actuators Limited, says:

“CompEx is the recognised global scheme for providing engineers with the essential knowledge and practical skills to enable safe working in potentially explosive atmospheres, whether due to flammable gas, combustible dust, or other hazards.

“AUMA supplies advanced actuator solutions to the water and power utilities sector. Investing in CompEx training for our people means we are able to operate safely in hazardous environments. Furthermore, CompEx certification is enabling us to extend our reach in existing markets where we supply, install, service and maintain a wide range of actuators.”

Compex Unit Ex11 training provides a full understanding of the requirements of working safely in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The course is designed specifically for Mechanical Supervisors, Contract Managers and Senior Management, to enable a greater appreciation of CompEx core competency and the promotion of safe working.  Since the introduction of ATEX (DSEAR) users must identify all possible ignition sources that could arise in hazardous areas, including electrical and non-electrical (mechanical) items of equipment. 

The course covers the requirements of the ATEX directive 137 and DSEAR 2002 employer obligations and BS13463 regulations.

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