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AUMA Set to Expand by 50 per cent

Added - 31.05.2022

AUMA, a Clevedon-based electrical engineering business, which counts some of the UK’s largest water utility companies as customers, is recruiting for a range of new positions that will see the company expand by 50 per cent. 

AUMA Actuators Limited is part of the global AUMA Group and manufactures and supplies a wide range of electric actuator and gearbox solutions to the UK’s water utility and energy infrastructure companies. AUMA is recruiting a number of roles, including electrical service technicians, technical support and service coordinators, apprentice service technicians and internal sales trainees, due to expansion following a number of successful major framework contract wins.

Paul Hopkins is AUMA’s managing director. He says: “This is an exciting time for AUMA in the UK. We have secured a number of long-term frameworks and service level agreements with companies including Anglian Water Services, Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, United Utilities and National Grid Gas. 

“This success means we are now looking for a number of new people to join our talented team in a variety of roles to support our expansion. We’re a medium sized business here in the UK, and enjoy the benefits associated with being part of the world’s largest manufacturer of electric valve actuators, operating on every continent, with 2,300 employees in 30 locations. These are great opportunities to join a friendly business that really puts its people first.”

AUMA’s modern offices are located just outside Clevedon, south of Bristol. The company is just minutes off the M5, with on-site parking.  The company assembles, services and distributes electric actuators and gearboxes at its on-site workshop and has been in existence in the UK since 1976.

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Nearly 200 AUMA PROFOX actuators for Dubai cooling plant

Added - 23.03.2022

AUMA has delivered 196 of its PROFOX electric actuators to a district cooling plant in Dubai.

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), the leading district cooling provider in the United Arab Emirates, used the PROFOX units to replace under-performing pneumatic actuators at its plant in Palm Jumeirah, a group of artificial islands in Dubai. Frequent failures of the pneumatic actuators interrupted the supply of chilled water to customers.

As the plant uses small-diameter pipes and valves to convey chilled water, the operator was looking for new actuators that are not only reliable, but also compact and lightweight. AUMA’s PROFOX actuators proved to be the ideal solution thanks to their precise and high-quality mechanics, compact design, and low weight. They are also easy to install, requiring just an AC power supply, plus operating costs are low, thanks to high mechanical efficiency and low standby consumption.

The smart PROFOX actuators bring other benefits too. Integrated Bluetooth communications enables decentralised commissioning and operation using the AUMA Assistant App, conveniently via a smartphone or a tablet. All configuration parameters can be easily read out and changed via the App. The intelligent actuators also gather a wide variety of diagnostic and operating data, which can be easily viewed and used for predictive maintenance. Analysis of this data helps the operator to detect excessive loads and anticipate possible maintenance needs, thus helping to ensure reliable and continuous delivery of chilled water.

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Watertight solution for high risk of flooding

Added - 29.11.2021

AUMA SA-UW actuators for continuous underwater use secure operation of underground emergency roller gates in the city of Doha, Qatar, even when flooded for extended periods of time.
Ashghal, the Public Works Authority of Qatar, decided in the context of a project to extend the E-Ring road in Doha to also upgrade the stormwater network. Several huge roller gates were installed in underground chambers in order to be able to shut off DN 2700 stormwater pipelines in case of emergency.
The actuators to operate the huge roller gates had to be installed inside the chambers. As the chambers may become flooded during heavy rainfall, Ashghal was looking for actuators that can be immersed in water for extended periods of time. The total chamber height is 24.5 m, and the actuators had to be mounted approximately 6 m below ground level.
AUMA supplied powerful SA 30.1-UW underwater actuators that are suited for continuous underwater use at up to 15 m head of water. While the actuators were mounted on an access platform inside the chamber, the AC 01.2 actuator controls were mounted separately from the actuator outside the floodable area using a wall bracket. All local operations can therefore be done safely and from a comfortable position using the AC 01.2 actuator controls.
AUMA SA-UW actuators for continuous underwater use possess a sophisticated sealing system combined with excellent corrosion protection. Double sealed cable glands at the electrical connection, inner seals at all housing covers, and a solid shaft made of stainless steel safely prevent any ingress of water.

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AUMA wins five-year contract for Transalpine oil pipeline

Added - 16.11.2021

The Transalpine Pipeline (TAL) connecting Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic relies on AUMA actuators for the safe and reliable transport of crude oil. 

AUMA has been awarded a framework agreement covering the replacement of existing valve actuators with its proven SAEx 25.1 actuators. As part of the five-year agreement, the AUMA actuators will be installed in the pumping stations along the Austrian part of the pipeline. The first set of SAEx 25.1 actuators has been installed and commissioned. 

The TAL network is 753 km long, linking the port of Trieste in Italy with eight refineries in Central Europe. Handling approximately 40 million tons of crude oil per year, the pipeline plays a major role in meeting the oil needs of Austria (90%), the Czech Republic (50%) and southern Germany (100%). The 40-in. pipeline runs underground for most of its length. It goes through towns and cities, farmland, rivers and lakes, climbing to 1,572 metres above sea level as it crosses the Alps.

Product reliability was a key point in the decision on the actuator brand for TAL Austria because disruptions in the operation of the pipeline would quickly become critical. AUMA’s robust and powerful SAEx 25.1 actuators proved to be a perfect fit, offering a proven track record of several decades in oil and gas applications. In combination with gearboxes, the actuators will provide torques up to 10.800 Nm to automate 40-in. gate valves at differential pressures of 30 bar. 

Local service and support was another key factor for TAL Austria. AUMA service engineers at the company’s Austrian subsidiary can provide fast and competent service at all times, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the facilities. The AUMA contract also includes on-site commissioning and training.

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AUMA Supplies Electric Actuators to Award-Winning Singapore Desalination Plant

Added - 04.11.2021

AUMA has supplied more than 150 electric actuators to Singapore’s new Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP), an award-winning plant that was selected ‘Desalination Plant of the Year’ at the Global Water Awards 2021.

KMEDP is Singapore’s first large-scale, dual-mode desalination plant, designed to treat both seawater and rainwater. Due to frequent dry spells and limited land area to catch and store the rainwater, desalination is increasingly important to the island state. KMEDP gives Singapore an important weather-independent water supply, with a capacity of 137,000 cubic metres (36 million gallons) per day.

The award-winning plant uses state-of-the-art technologies to increase its energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. The plant’s 20,000 square metre green rooftop provides a park and recreational area. The treatment facilities and pumping station are located underground.

A total of 156 AUMA SA multi-turn and SQ part-turn actuators with intelligent AC 01.2 actuator controls have been installed throughout the different treatment steps of the desalination plant.

At the design stage, PUB, Singapore’s national water authority, was concerned that a large number of actuators would be installed in hard-to-access areas. AUMA, which had already cooperated with PUB on numerous projects in the past, put forward the benefits of its actuators’ modular design. The ability to mount the actuator controls separately from the actuator if necessary, and to orient the display to suit different mounting positions, perfectly met PUB’s requirements.

After sales services with timely on-site support whenever needed was also a critical factor for Keppel Infrastructure, which has a 25-year Design, Build, Own and Operate (DBOO) concession for the plant.

“The AUMA service team is also supporting another business unit of Keppel for the Senoko Waste to Energy Plant, where AUMA Singapore has a servicing and maintenance contract,” says Stefan Kolbe, Sales Director Southeast Asia at AUMA. “Our track record of timely support and technical know-how convinced Keppel that they can depend on us for any issues.” 

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