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AUMA Actuators Adds Scottish Water Framework to Growing List of Successes

Added - 05.04.2024

Scottish Water, providing drinking water to 2.46 million households and 150,000 business customers in Scotland, has awarded a framework for the supply and service of electric actuators to AUMA Actuators Limited (AUMA UK), a world leader in electric valve actuation technology.

The new framework will see AUMA deploy its new and unique process to service, maintain and replace a range of actuators across Scotland, which covers almost 80,000km2. Scottish Water will have access to AUMA’s unique ‘rapid response’ service to replace both AUMA and other manufacturers’ equipment, as well as a ‘replacement in advance’ for critical actuators.

Kevin Toal is Scottish Water’s Framework Manager. He said: “AUMA’s capacity to source and supply its comprehensive range of high quality, high performance electric actuators and critical spare parts from within the EU is a major benefit to us. It means we are able to respond quickly, serving people and businesses throughout Scotland.”

Scottish Water aims to maximise the availability of actuated valve operations throughout the country. The size and operating parameters of each installation varies, with a wide combination of actuators, controls and drive couplings required to be available at short notice. AUMA’s extensive range of high performance actuators is designed using a modular approach to actuator components. Actuators can be quickly combined to provide a bespoke actuator assembly constructed to the exact requirements of applications.

Paul Hopkins is AUMA UK’s Managing Director. He says: “We have built a close and positive relationship with Scottish Water, which has resulted in securing our first ever framework with Scotland’s water provider.

“Scottish Water plays a critical role that goes beyond providing an essential public service. It aims to help tackle the climate emergency, support the communities it serves and contribute to the growth of the Scottish economy. It is great to be part of that journey.”

AUMA is creating a unique online Scottish Water Knowledge Base, which will be accessible to all registered Scottish Water engineers and technicians. This will provide 24/7/365 access to essential information, video tutorials and technical information. In addition, AUMA has introduced a number of innovations - from reducing its environmental impact through the use of sustainable packaging, to improving health and safety by reducing time on site undertaking repairs.
AUMA is also providing full training to Scottish Water maintenance staff via its AUMA Certified Engineering (ACE) training. Delivered on-site, on-line or in AUMA’s dedicated training suite at its head office in Clevedon, Somerset, ACE is a structured programme that trains technicians to install, operate, maintain and troubleshoot AUMA actuators, meeting asset management obligations to maintain equipment in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Accredited ACE Technicians are provided with ID cards to prove their level of competency. 

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New AUMA Actuators Keep Water in Welsh Town’s Taps Flowing

Added - 01.02.2024

Water supplies to over 3,000 residents in the Welsh seaside town of Tywyn will continue to flow uninterrupted thanks to new state-of-the-art, remotely controlled electric actuators installed by AUMA Actuators Limited.

AUMA Actuators Limited supplied 15 of its unique PROFOX-Q part-turn electric actuators, which are fitted to existing butterfly valves at Penybont Water Treatment Works. The actuators are part of ongoing investment by Welsh Water at its Penybont Water Treatment Works in the village of Bryncrug, north Wales. The water treatment works supplies drinking water to the coastal town of Tywyn in Southern Snowdonia on the Mid Wales coast, and surrounding area. 

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director, AUMA Actuators Limited explains: “Welsh Water experienced issues with units at Penybont Water Treatment Works and contacted AUMA for a fast track solution. Over a two-week period our experienced engineering team attended site, removed redundant equipment and installed, tested and commissioned 12 new PROFOX-PFQ150 and three PROFOX-PFQ-80 part-turn actuators.

“The beauty of the new PROFOX actuators is that they can be controlled and performance monitored remotely, meaning that Welsh Water’s maintenance team can interact with the units from control rooms, rather than having to go out and visit each unit. That’s a big time and cost saving.”

AUMA also designed and manufactured three wall-mounted remote-control panels. All field wiring and actuator wiring was connected to the panels using a din rail mounted terminal, with 

wiring terminations within the panel connected with appropriate bootlace crimped terminations. Each panel includes a local control remote switch to allow local control at the panel and remote control from SCADA controls. The panel doors provide local indication for fault, open and close via provided LED cluster bulbs.

PROFOX high-performance actuators incorporate a number of innovative features and are aimed at applications requiring fast and precise positioning, utmost flexibility and future-proof interfaces. Built-in intelligence makes PROFOX equally suited to both simple open-close applications and challenging modulating applications. Variable motor speed ensures fast and precise positioning without overrun, whilst soft start and soft stop functionality increases valve lifetime. Operating costs are low, thanks to high mechanical efficiency and low standby consumption. Innovative diagnostics ensure long-term availability and future-proof PROFOX actuators for IIoT applications.

AUMA PROFOX actuators work with gate, butterfly, ball and globe valves. There are multi-turn versions for torques of 10–100 Nm and part-turn versions delivering 32–600 Nm. Modular design ensures flexible configuration, rapid delivery and consistent operation. PROFOX actuators support the most common communication protocols.

The PROFOX range is engineered and built in Germany and designed to last, even under the toughest operating conditions. High-quality metal housing with IP67 protection (IP68 optional) and AUMA’s unique corrosion protection, which meets the highest C5-M/C5-I requirements of EN ISO 12944-6, ensure that PROFOX actuators have a long life at temperatures from –30 °C to +70 °C.

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Variable speed actuation promotes calm networks and reduced maintenance

Added - 06.12.2023


AUMA Actuators Limited offers a range of high-performance actuator solutions capable of accurately controlling the opening and closing speed of valves and penstocks, delivering significant benefits in terms of flow control, reduction of water hammer and calm network performance.

Water hammer can be a significant issue in many applications. Valve seats may suffer if they are driven hard to their end positions whenever the valve is closed. A variable speed actuator allows the control engineer to specify the speed of actuation at different points in the cycle. The valve moves quickly through the majority of its cycle, slowing down as it nears the close position, alleviating water hammer problems and extending the life of the valve seat. For emergencies, a ‘fast close’ speed can be specified.

AUMA variable speed
multi-turn actuators bring together AUMA’s SAV/SARV actuators and ACV 01.2 actuator controls. Variable speed is achieved by the integral frequency converter within the actuator controls. 

Operations from an end position start at zero speed. Speed is increased by a ramp function until the predefined value is reached. Soft stop is achieved by linearly decreasing speed prior to reaching the end position. The gentle operation benefits all valve and actuator components subject to wear.

Higher positioning accuracy is achieved by decreasing the operating speed when approaching the valve setpoint position. This ability is particularly important  for the SARV modulating duty model.

Closing at excessive speed results in pressure surges and can cause overloads in both valves and pipeline systems depending on flow conditions. Tailored speed profiles within the AC controller are the ideal solution for controlling closing procedures and maintaining pressures within the permissible range. Speed values may be specified for up to ten sections of travel irrespective of the direction of operation. Thus, the operating speed profile can be tailored to the specific valve requirements.

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AUMA Goes Green with Commitment to Net Zero

Added - 16.10.2023

Investment in a range of renewable energy technologies has seen AUMA UK reap returns through reduced energy costs and meeting sustainability goals, saving over 236 tons of CO2 and generating more than 420 MWh of energy.

AUMA UK generates electricity from 178 photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of its Clevedon office and warehouse, whilst heating and cooling is generated using electric air-source heat pumps. The building’s lighting uses energy-efficient LEDs. The company also operates a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director, AUMA UK, says:

“We believe that every business has a responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. We are using the guidance provided by the Carbon Trust to accelerate our journey to Net Zero.

“At AUMA, we’ve been on the front foot since 2010, investing in the installation of 178 PV panels that make best use of the roof of our building. That investment alone has removed the equivalent of 50 cars off the roads over the last 13 years. That may sound underwhelming, but it’s these small savings that together accrue into major benefits.

“Alongside PVs and our electric air-source heat pump, we encourage our team to cycle to work, taking advantage of the Government’s scheme that provides tax incentives to enable employees to buy bikes at a reduced cost. We have also taken steps to reduce our water consumption. And we have made significant progress in transitioning our company fleet to environmentally friendly vehicles, with over 50% now being hybrid or fully electric.

“But our commitment doesn’t end there. We continue to identify opportunities to reduce waste, removing the requirement for plastic packaging by introducing innovations such as reusable wooden crates for the delivery of actuators to site.”

The UK Government's Net Zero strategy sets out policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to meet net zero targets by 2050.

AUMA’s broader sustainability agenda has developed from energy efficiency in its operations, to carbon, renewable energy, water and waste reduction, through to supply chain goals.

AUMA UK is a major supplier of electric actuators to the water, gas and manufacturing industries. Customers include Anglian Water, Thames Water, and National Gas. 

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AUMA Electric Actuators Awarded Gas Industry Standard VA2

Added - 31.08.2023

National Gas has approved AUMA Actuators Limited's explosion proof range of high-performance electric actuators with the Gas Industry Standard VA2 certification.

Gas Industry Standard (GIS)/VA2 specifies the requirements for electric powered actuators, for use with two position (open/closed) quarter turn valves manufactured to the requirements of GIS/V6. AUMA's range of SAEX and SAREX actuators, with the combination of ACEX Controls, are GIS/VA2 compliant.

Paul Hopkins is AUMA’s managing director. He says:

“Explosion-proof devices must be used in plants where potentially combustible atmospheres may occur. AUMA’s comprehensive range of VA2 approved devices is designed so that they will not act as an ignition source. Each is designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to prevent the occurrence of ignition sparks or hot surfaces.

“AUMA’s actuators meet and exceed the critical performance requirements of the gas industry, receiving international certification in explosion protection, high Safety Integrity Level (SIL) capability, and perfect reliability in particularly harsh and arduous climatic conditions.”

Actuators manufactured to VA2 are suitable for use in areas in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation; with atmospheres containing propane, or gases and vapours of equivalent hazard, compliant with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and Atmospheres Explosible (ATEX) regulations.  

AUMA’s new TIGRON actuators are also designed to meet the exacting requirements of the global gas industry, combining the highest level of explosion protection, robust design, outstanding ease of operation, and the latest trends in digitalisation. The versatile all-rounder provides safe and reliable valve automation across all application sectors, including oil and gas production, pipelines, tank farms and refineries.

TIGRON actuators are ATEX and IECEx certified for the highest gas group IIC, which includes highly flammable hydrogen. Actuators are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, covering a particularly wide temperature range from –65 °C to +75 °C.

AUMA’s ATEX approved PROFOX for butterfly, ball/plug and globe valves is a compact actuator that features a range of intelligent functions for tailored automation solutions. Each ATEX approved PROFOX is equipped with a centrally located LED: The FOX-EYE. It provides clearly visible information about the actuator and valve status. The FOX-EYE display scheme can be configured by the user as required.

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