The AUMA Certified Engineering (ACE) Programme

Why ACE?

ACE Technicians and ACE Partners provide users of AUMA actuators with the reassurance that you are dealing with an expert resource, delivered by fully trained and experienced staff. AUMA customers are encouraged only to use certificated, accredited and up-to-date ACE resources, whether they are AUMA-trained operatives working in-house, employees of ACE Partner organisations or directly employed AUMA technicians.

An ACE Mark is proof of expertise – up to date and in-depth knowledge.

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Latest News

Watertight solution for high risk of flooding


AUMA SA-UW actuators for continuous underwater use secure operation of underground emergency roller gates in the city of Doha, Qatar, even when...MORE

AUMA wins five-year contract for Transalpine oil pipeline


The Transalpine Pipeline (TAL) connecting Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic relies on AUMA actuators for the safe and reliable transport...MORE

AUMA Supplies Electric Actuators to Award-Winning Singapore Desalination Plant


AUMA has supplied more than 150 electric actuators to Singapore’s new Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP), an award-winning plant...MORE

The ACE Programme

The 3-tier ACE Programme allows technicians, installers and maintenance engineers to prove their competence with AUMA Actuators, controls and gearboxes, and integration of AUMA equipment into wider control systems. Click below to find out more about ACE and where you fit in.